Month: May 2012

New Renewals: 2 tables, 1 desk, and the workshop!

So, yesterday was one of those rare all-day rain days for Colorado and it made me quite irritable and grumpy.  Gloomy weather like that always affects my moods, but yesterday was even worse because it forced me to stay inside and thus not get anything done in the workshop.  Blah.

Today, however, was beautiful!  Colorado always amazes me with the schizophrenic weather.  Thanks to the sunshine and warmth, I was in quite a frenzy and very excited to get out to the workshop and start making a serious dent in the hoarder-like inventory. Over the past few weeks I have inadvertently added to the inventory even more when I found a handful of great curb-side pieces.  And, partly, because they were the last things to go into the garage, they happened to be the first things I began working on today.

The first of the curb-side beauties is this 40 year old, long, bench-style coffee table.  While the wood is in good condition and the “bones” of it are just fine, its condition when I found it was frightful.  So frightful that I almost decided to leave it right where it was.  Well, once I started sanding it today…slowly working my way through the candle wax, the water rings, the cob-webs, and some mysterious sticky substance…the smile on my face grew larger.  My ideas for this table are numerous and I’m very excited to take it on the journey from discarded junk to a beautiful and unique Renewal that will be cherished once again.  Here are two photos of it from when I just started sanding it:


The next table is harder to date, but it seems to be older than the long table.  It is also hard to determine what purpose it is intended for…slightly small as a coffee table, but slightly larger than most side tables.  It’s square with a single 4 inch drawer and sits upon 4 small brass casters.  When I found it, it appeared that someone had already begun (and forgotten) a restoration project of their own as it was missing it’s hardware and half of the sanding was already done. As I started sanding it myself, I noticed that the top has a great patterned inset and is well-suited for a two-tone stain.  The design possibilities are endless! 


The next of the 3 furniture pieces I began working on today is this beautiful art deco desk.  Unfortunately it went through a bad restoration at some point and the polyurethane was sloppy and thick.  I used quite a bit of sand-paper and time on this one! In addition to the sloppy clear-coat, the previous restoration attempt also replaced the original hardware with some cheap, ugly, ill-fitting handles that did nothing to compliment the wonderful art deco lines.  While I would love to restore this to its original wood splendor…the condition dictates the need for paint.  I am still waiting for the perfect design choice to jump out at me.


Here at RPhD we mostly focus on furniture Renewals…but we’ve let the workshop slide for long enough.  In addition to spending the next week or two giving new life to these wonderful curb finds, I also need to give new life to the workshop!  We are going to empty out every piece in the garage and make our workspace a place that is not just functional, but also aesthetically pleasing and easy to keep clean and organized.  As we pull each inventory item out from the garage we are going to photograph it in it’s original state and post it here for all to see.  Stay tuned because you may just see something that speaks to you and you can contact us to customize it to your specification!