Old Red

We are so excited to share this latest Renewal with you.  It is one of our favorite Renewals in the entirety of Pelham’s history of upcycling old, discarded furniture. When we found this little dresser it was in rough shape.  While it is hard to tell in the before pictures, I assure you, this dresser was absolutely caked in paint.  It was like someone let a 5 year old put icing on the cake.  The previous owners had painted this flat and dark red over EVERYTHING.  The keyholes, the top, and the knobs too!

Pelham knew immediately that he was going to have to pull out the heavy duty varnish stripper for this one.  He started with the top and the drawer fronts.  When he started stripping the top, he realized that the red was not the only coat of paint…no, no, no, no, no…there were FIVE different colors of paint before he finally found the absolutely beautiful wood grain hiding underneath it all.

It was after he stripped the top that he knew where Old Red wanted to go (Pelham works organically, letting each piece of furniture determine it’s own Renewal and lead him in the right direction…this is why our Renewals often look very different from one another).  Old Red, she wanted her old layers to be peeled back, left in place to tell her long, difficult history.  So, Pelham obliged her and used a weathering technique to make the newly exposed wood grain top and drawers look their age.  The outcome is absolutely stunning!  Don’t you think?

In the playful nature of this charming dresser, we are offering you the option to customize the knob configuration.  Choose any from the pictures, let us know, and we will have them installed and ready prior to pick-up or delivery.

Our particular preference would be for the distressed yellow knobs on top, with the burlap knobs in the middle, and the green, glazed, ceramic knobs on the bottom drawer.  The burlap just ties in well with the rustic and shabby feel of Old Red, the yellow gives it that eye-grabbing pop, and the green ceramics add a touch of class to the aging beauty.

This item is located in downtown Denver.  We can deliver to all Denver County zip codes, or the item can be picked up from our workshop in Congress Park.

Please contact us by sending an email to pelhamhebertdesigns@gmail.com with all questions and any interest in purchasing Old Red or any of our other Renewals.  Thanks.

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