Sneak Peek: The Yorkshire

Now that we got our week of skiing and chasing powder out of our systems, I have been back in the workshop as much as possible.  In case you didn’t know, RPhD is not my full time gig.  While I have often dreamed of recycling and renewing enough furniture to open our very own RPhD boutique, at this point in time I remain a sensible artist and work full time as realtor.  Interior design and remodeling both furniture and houses is a huge passion of mine, one that I support and fuel by carrying that passion over into my real estate career.  When previewing and showing potential homes to clients I often find myself daydreaming about all the renovations I would do if I were to buy the house I’m showing…and then I remember why I am there in the first place!  Seriously though, I love the world of real estate AND I love grinding away in the workshop turning the old and tired pieces of furniture from our inventory into show-stopping, beautiful works of art.  They really go hand in hand…but for time.  Which brings me to my point…

I try and find as much time as possible to work in the RPhD workshop without it distracting me from growing my real estate business.  Sometimes that means I can churn out 2-4 renewals per week (ha! like that’s ever happened, no, seriously…) and most times it means I can churn out 1 renewal every other week or so.  This week I was well on my way to presenting you with TWO renewals.  In a week!  And then Mother Nature had other plans…

So, without further ado, here is a look at the “before” of our latest Renewal.  Come back when the weather dries up and warms up to see the final reveal!

Yorkshire Before 3 Yorkshire Before 1 Yorkshire Before 2

This french style, 9-drawer dresser has beautiful shape and detailing.  It’s days as a stained-wood, beauty though, were numbered.  Like most mid-century built furniture, this well-constructed dresser, while made of solid wood, utilizes veneers.  Years of abuse and misuse really took their toll on the veneer.  I spent a good amount of time making repairs and sanding (carefully, so as not to sand right through the veneer) so that there was a smooth finish to work with.

I can’t wait to reveal the finished product; it has been through quite the transformation!

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