Month: March 2013

Snow day in Denver…

And that means the workshop is closed.  Apparently an infamous March blizzard has set its sights on the Front Range and we are expecting a foot of snow in 12 hours.  The good news…it has been really warm which means I don’t have to shovel 200′ of sidewalk today.

Anyways, while trying my best to stay warm, I figured I’d post a little update on what’s going on around the RPhD workshop.  After renewing three dressers in a row, I thought it might be time to add to the inventory of occasional tables seeing as most of them have been sold. Take a gander at The Hartford, Bruno, and Lars.

I love all of these tables and would keep them for myself if only I had the room.  To give a hint of where they are headed: bold black and rich walnut, paint-dipped legs, and shabby chic touches.  Keep an eye out for the reveals.

Also on our plate is a custom order for a very dear friend.  Meet The Vanderpump.

This small, oak, roll-top needed an update.  Is there a more perfect way to update it than glamming it up in HOT PINK and GLITTER?!?  Okay, joking about the glitter.  But boy, I mean girrrl, is it pink!

Have a great week, everyone!  Oh, almost forgot, keep checking out the blog!  Lindsey loved The Yorkshire, too, and will be featuring it on the blog sometime soon.

The Yorkshire – SOLD!

We have been so anxious to reveal The Yorkshire.  She’s been done for over a week now. The delay is due to Mother Nature finally sending snow our way in Denver.  We received close to 12 inches over the past week and, while snow melts quickly around here, the ground has been soaked and muddy.  No more!  The sun was out today and the temperature hit close to 60! So, this afternoon, we moved The Yorkshire into the staging area and waited for the sun to drop just enough to give us the perfect light that we love to photograph our work in.

The Yorkshire came to us in pretty rough shape.  Her previous owner must have never waxed or polished her original wood finish because the old varnish was flaking off like Goldmember’s skin. No, we did not eat it.  Eww.  We did sand it, though.  Oh did we sand it.  While sanding her, she started to speak to us and we started to envision her final look.  The top was just begging for a rich, dark stain and we knew this custom blend, aqua green we made for a smaller project a while back would be perfect for the ridges and detailing on The Yorkshire.

Once we painted, distressed, glazed, and waxed her, it was time to put the hardware back on.  With all the original hardware painted white and distressed, to go along with the distressed edges on the dresser, we felt like she was lacking something.  We found these wonderful pink glass knobs in our knobbery collection and as soon as we saw them on her, we fell in love.  Shabby and glam.  Bam!

The Yorkshire is a classic 9 drawer dresser.  She measures just under 6 feet long, about 2 and a half feet tall, and 20″ deep.

Please contact us by email: or through our facebook page for more info and to set up an appointment to see The Yorkshire or any of our other pieces in person.  Thanks!