Snow day in Denver…

And that means the workshop is closed.  Apparently an infamous March blizzard has set its sights on the Front Range and we are expecting a foot of snow in 12 hours.  The good news…it has been really warm which means I don’t have to shovel 200′ of sidewalk today.

Anyways, while trying my best to stay warm, I figured I’d post a little update on what’s going on around the RPhD workshop.  After renewing three dressers in a row, I thought it might be time to add to the inventory of occasional tables seeing as most of them have been sold. Take a gander at The Hartford, Bruno, and Lars.

I love all of these tables and would keep them for myself if only I had the room.  To give a hint of where they are headed: bold black and rich walnut, paint-dipped legs, and shabby chic touches.  Keep an eye out for the reveals.

Also on our plate is a custom order for a very dear friend.  Meet The Vanderpump.

This small, oak, roll-top needed an update.  Is there a more perfect way to update it than glamming it up in HOT PINK and GLITTER?!?  Okay, joking about the glitter.  But boy, I mean girrrl, is it pink!

Have a great week, everyone!  Oh, almost forgot, keep checking out the blog!  Lindsey loved The Yorkshire, too, and will be featuring it on the blog sometime soon.

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