The Hartford – SOLD!

Boy, March FLEW by.  We’ve sold most of our available inventory (we just found a loving home for The Yorkshire today) and taken on a handful of custom orders, as well.  The workshop is literally littered with a handful of ‘half done’ projects. They are ‘half done’ mostly because I have been extremely busy at work, AND also because Colorado’s late winter/early spring weather has returned to normal…that is to say, we’ve had two blizzards separated by near-70 degree days.  In addition to the weather and work, I am currently renovating the only bathroom in my apartment.  It currently has no walls, no sink, and no toilet…aaaaaaand hopefully it will all be put back together by this weekend.  More on that later….

Despite all the melee, I did manage to put the finishing touches on one of those ‘half done’ projects: meet The Hartford!

The Hartford is a lovely, curvaceous, little end table with beautiful rope detailing and classic claw feet.  First, I painted it with a deep, rich teal, knowing that I wanted to achieve a multi-layered look when it was distressed.  Then, I painted it with a shabby chic classic, pure white chalk paint.  After the paint dried, it was time to moderately distressed it all over.  The end result is this classic, shabby chic look that has both teal and the original wood peaking through…. What do you think??

Dimensions:   24″ W x 28″ L x 24.5″ H

For info on how you can order a table with this aesthetic and finish, email us:

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