The Toto

Wow, has it really been a month since the last post?  April has been soooo crazy and busy.  And by busy, I mean that I’m taking an 8 week seminar that has me putting in 60+ hours at real estate each week.  Between that and mother nature deciding to make April the snowiest month in Denver for the entire winter, there has been little time to focus on Renewals by Pelham Hebert Designs.

When there was time, I had to resort to working on smaller projects in the cramped confines of my home office.  Not exactly ideal.  One of the main reasons that I love this little venture of mine is that it offers me a break from the ‘trapped indoors’ aspect of my primary career.  When the weather is nice, like this past weekend, I have been known to shirk social responsibilities, avoid my friends, as well as the indoors, and spend nearly every minute from sun-up to sun-down outside in the workshop.  Creating, imagining, breathing, living.  Or, more accurately, sanding, painting, glazing, cramping, or otherwise getting sweaty and dirty in some way related to furniture re-purposing.

To many people that sounds like the complete opposite of relaxing and stress-relieving.  For me, there aren’t many things that are better at taking my mind off of the helter-skelter and stress of the rat-race we call career.  But that’s when the weather is nice.

When it isn’t, I’m usually skiing I have to get creative, find smaller projects to work on, and make space in my office.  That wasn’t too difficult when I was working on The Toto:

This great, vintage, roll-top breadbox didn’t require much space…isn’t it freaking adorable?

When I first got my hands on this old breadbox, all I could think about was how I have never, ever needed one.  And how I knew absolutely no one else who has one.  Something tells me both of these statements are going to be wrong very soon!  Why?  Because the Toto is awesome, duh.  And it doesn’t have to be utilized to store fresh loaves of bread…I’m currently using it to store clutter and make my too-short-nightstand more functional by providing a surface at bed height to keep a glass of water on.  A glass of water on a painted breadbox?!?!  Sure, because I used a super-duper durable finishing wax on it that is waterproof and will protect the paint and surface from pretty much anything short of muriatic acid and gasoline.  Don’t worry, the wax is organic and zero-VOC so it’s more than safe to store food in and won’t stink up your house!

If I had more counter space in my kitchen this little thing probably wouldn’t even be up for sale because I love it and would totally find some use for it (fresh bread lasts about a half a day in my house before it is fanatically consumed by hungry mouths).

Do you like it?  Wanna buy it? Here’s the lowdown:

Dimensions: (I totally forget to do this on all our “For Sale” posts and then end up responding to countless emails asking “how big is it?”…No more!)

Toto is 12 inches high by 17 inches wide and is 12 inches deep.

12″ H

17″ W

12” D

***Due to the unfortunate reality of my camera never being able to capture the true essence of bold greens, it is really hard to get a sense of the true brilliant emerald color of this breadbox.  If you have a hankering for emerald (who doesn’t?!?!) and would like to see this breadbox in person, please email us at to set up an appointment.  Thanks

Stay tuned for more updates and reveals coming very, very, very soon.  A few custom orders are almost done as well as some other accent tables (I told you, the weather has been bad! And I’m not lugging dressers and buffets upstairs to my office just so I can paint while it is snowing and cold.)

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