The Bruno – SOLD!!!

Happy May!  How was your May day?  Lemme tell you, here in Denver, we rung May in with style…8+ inches of snow style.  Yeaaa, it was….splendid.  I love the snow, I really do.  Just not in May.  I’m not complaining though, as I would much rather have a spring snowstorm (as long as I don’t have to shovel sidewalks) than a day where you wake up, it’s raining, and the rain doesn’t stop until after you go to bed.  Had plenty of those days when I lived back East and I am NOT a fan of rain.  It just makes everything so wet and…blah.

But you know what is *not* blah?!?  This beautiful table.  Well it was blah…before my hands got to it anyways.  So let’s get to it, shall we?

Isn’t he stunning?  Normally I would refer to the furniture as ‘she,’ though in this case, I felt The Bruno had a warm, masculine feel due to that rich black base and the warmth of the stained wood top.

As you can see from the before photo, this table was pretty beat up when it came to the RPhD workshop.  Not only was it beat up, it was also finished in this very blah reddish stain that nearly hides the intricate checkerboard oak wood inlay on the top.  When it first came to us, the top was in pretty bad shape and at first glance I was thinking this was going to have to be a totally painted piece.  As I started working on stripping and sanding the top, I realized I was going to be able to save the veneer inlay and that’s when the vision came together.  I’ve always wanted to use multiple stains on a project and here was the perfect opportunity.

Using two custom-blended stains and six other colors, I laid out the tape and got to work.  I stained only the square inlays and left the other pieces natural so that they could take on the beautiful, gold-amber tones of the polyurethane topcoat. I could not be more pleased with the results.

For the base, I knew I wanted to pair the warmth and richness of the stained wood with black.  It’s a classic combination and has been very popular in design lately.  So I used black, grey, and charcoal and used a dry-brushed, layering technique to add dimension and character to the paint.  The result is this well-worn and muted look.  After all, the legs and lines of the table are so beautiful that if we used any other color and finish, the legs would totally distract from the top, and with such a beautiful and unique top, we definitely don’t want that.

As always, we protect and seal our furniture with durable and protective topcoat finishes.  The painted base of this table is finished with a high-quality, waterproof wax and the top has 3 smooth coats of a super-durable polyurethane finish.  While the polyurethane is very durable and 3 coats thick, it is always recommended to use coasters when placing glasses and mugs on furniture surfaces.

The Bruno is 38 inches in diameter and 16 inches high.

Please email Pelham at in order to set up an appointment to view this lovely table in person.  The Bruno is only available for pickup in the Denver area.  We do not currently ship (though we are exploring options so that our fans outside of Colorado can enjoy a Renewal by Pelham of their own).

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