The Eire: An Emerald Beauty

I actually finished this table last week, yet I managed to forget to post it to the blog.  I finished a handful of other Renewals all around the same time and managed to post most of those…this one just slipped my mind.

I didn’t slip anyone else’s though, as I received many compliments on it and had a couple people interested in buying it.  Because I mostly sell off of Craigslist, I don’t “hold” furniture for anyone (have had far too many people call me and make appointments, even say “I’m on my way now,” and then never show up).  Therefore, the first one to show up with cash in hand gets to buy it.  Well the first person to show up was a wonderfully nice lady who was absolutely in love with this table and didn’t even try to haggle with the price like most people do.  She paid me full asking price, no questions asked.  I’m grateful for that!

Perhaps painting furniture green is a green money magnet!  Of course, most American money is like purple and blue and off-white these days, but still…

This lovely table is an antique, 1962, Heritage Furniture side table.  Heritage Furniture is the Heritage in Drexel-Heritage, famous North Carolina furniture company.  In 1957 Drexel Enterprises acquired the Heritage Furniture company and continued producing furniture under two separate named entities until they later dropped Heritage and combined the two into the well-known Drexel-Heritage furniture line.

It was in fantastic shape when I acquired it…it was just boring.  So I whipped up a batch of homemade chalk paint and went to work painting.  She took 5 coats!  Emerald is a lovely color and it is very labor intensive.  After the paint dried, I glazed the whole thing with a deep brown glaze and then finished it with two coats of AS soft wax in clear.

If only my house were bigger, this thing would still be sitting in my living room!

Hope everyone has been having a wonderful start to their week.

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