Meet “The Lars”

Once upon a time there was a sad little coffee table that hailed from the countryside.  It was truly a country-riffic little table.  He looked just like this:

The Lars

He had such cute, little, turned legs and a rack looking thingy on his topside.  With more turned spindles.  He found his way to our shop when someone (presumably from the countryside) brought him with them when they moved to an urban den.  But I guess they decided that poor little Lars didn’t fit into their new, city-slicker lifestyle so they abandoned him on our doorstep in a dumpster in the alley across the way.

Well guess what?  That little Lars sure did clean up nicely!

The Lars The Lars
Poor guy.  All he needed was a little savvy advice on how to fit into his new city-slicker life.  So we helped him out.  We painted him in a rich, bold, blue that is somewhere between royal and navy.  We then gave him some new, crisp, white feet.  Isn’t he dashing, now?  The Lars

After painting him, we carefully distressed him, ever so slightly, around his edges and on his turned legs.  After all, he’s of a distinct and mature age and we wanted him to look like it.  He’s ready for a close up:

The Lars The Lars

The Lars is very happy with his new look and he’s ready to share his happiness with a new, loving family.


35 3/8″ L

18″ D

18″ H

Please message us (you can find our info above under the “Contact Us” tab) for more information and price/shipping options.

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