The Humbert: A beach twist on The Coloradan

Ever since I finished The Coloradan, there has been quite a bit of interest from people wanting me to create a custom version with their favorite Colorado destinations.  That’s how this particular dresser started its journey.  Right as I was about to start laying paint down on this beautiful mid-century modern, peg-leg chest from Basset, the client changed her mind!



Instead of a rustic, black, mountain themed dresser, she decided she wanted a beach-cottage feel for the room this was going in.  No problemo!  Having grown up near the beach in Florida, I was actually very excited to create a beach-cottage piece.  Beach inspired furniture isn’t exactly a big thing in my neck of the woods, ya hear?

So, and this might not be all that surprising, I had to dig out my quart of white chalk paint from under all of the saturated and bright colors.  It was quite the ordeal.  Considering how this piece turned out, perhaps I should keep that white more accessible!

The key to a successful beach-themed furniture renewal is white and whitewashed colors.  Has to have that sun-bleached feel to it, right?  Oh, and lots of distressing will help, too.  This piece has plenty of both:



Doesn’t it look fantastically beachy?  All that white, distressed grey, and the original wood peeking through just looks so beautiful together.  The locations are all beaches and towns that hold special meaning to the client (she was absolutely thrilled and floored by the final product).

To achieve this look, I first prepped the piece for paint.  I didn’t bother fixing the dents and gouges because they were perfect for adding character to the beach cottage theme.  I then painted the drawers a medium grey in preparation for the lettering.  Before I was ready to paint the entire piece with the bright white, I had to map out the locations.  After using lots of scrap paper, and the crazy visions in my head, I finally found a layout that made sense to me and would be the most visually pleasing.  Lay down the letters and pick the paint brush back up…I painted…ahem.. a few (pure white takes SO many coats of paint) coats of the white before I was finally happy with the look.

After the paint dried, I pulled the letters and then found my trusty sanding sponge.  Lots of elbow grease, hemming and hawing, and determination finally led to a perfectly shabby, beach-cottage feel.

The Humbert The Humbert The Humbert

Do you like it?

If you are interested in having me create one of these subway-poster inspired pieces for your home, please email me and we can design something that is perfect for you!


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