The Janis & Joplin

Chairs.  We use them everyday.  And, for the most part, we don’t even notice them unless they hurt our backsides.  Am I right?  I know I’ve never spent much time thinking about or looking at the few chairs I have in my house.  I have no dining room or table, so I only have 4 chairs in my house…2 folding chairs that I pull out if I have more dinner guests than can fit on the couch, a hideously upholstered antique wing-back chair that I’ve yet to get around to updating, and, my favorite, a tufted leather executive armchair that I bought at the flea market for $1!!!

Clearly, chairs barely register on my radar.  In fact, when I’m out picking and finding great vintage furniture to redesign for Urban DEN, I rarely (read: never) come home with chairs.  So, when a client came to me and asked if I would re-do these two 60s era chairs for her, I eagerly jumped at the chance!  Her vision was neutral paint with that bold Urban DEN pop of color in the upholstery…but mid-project she reluctantly needed to abandon the project and was gracious enough to let me keep the chairs. 

I wasn’t really vibing with the white she had picked out, and I was so focused on other projects that I was unable to nail down a clear vision for them…so I set them aside for a while.  Finally, as I was painting some photo frames for the first market, inspiration hit!  My vision was similar to the client’s original vision…but in reverse!  I opted to use a bold, vibrant green on the chairs, and paired it with a neutral white, black, and gray ikat fabric for the seats.  Marvelous!

The Janis & Joplin

Great upholstery!

Great upholstery!

The Janis & Joplin

What do you think?  I had these at the last market and many people commented on how much they loved them!  And what about that fabulous yellow lacquer table?  I stripped the top and did the color-blocking with a light stain before sealing with my favorite wipe-on polyurethane.  I think it looks so great paired with the chairs.  Someone at the last market, though, already had some chairs at home they thought it would look great with and it went home with them.

The chairs, for now, are still available.  They’ll be going up in the Etsy shop next week if I don’t sell them at Sunday’s market.  If you’re interested in them before then, send me an email! 

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