S’il vous plaît répondre à la Lumiere et l’Elysée

Or, in English: Please meet The Lumiere and The Elyse!

They are very French.  Very Parisian boudoir.  Very French chic.  Very French country chic.  Very French Provincial.

You get the point!

When I acquired these pieces, they had that very drab and very dated creme yellow enamel finish thing going on (see below).  It HAD to go. Good thing they found their way to my workshop…seeing as re-imagining old, drab, dated pieces is what I do.



Now, if you’ve been following Urban DEN for a while, you know, or have figured it out, that I don’t really do neutral.  I mean, I do neutral sometimesAs with everything I do, I let the piece tell me what it wants…what color, what finish, what overall aesthetic.  I don’t really go in with a plan; as I’m prepping and cleaning a piece, I let my hands and my intuition do the talking and go from there.  Sometimes that “vibe” I get from the piece matches the idea I formulated in my head the minute I brought the piece back to the workshop, but more often than not, it doesn’t.  Well, with this set, the idea in my head was the exact “vibe” I tuned into while prepping these beautiful, majestic pieces.

That vibe was Paris Gray and French Linen.  And GILDING!

The Lumiere & The Elyse


Look at all that GILDING!  These two pieces had such beautiful French Provincial detailing…the swooping aprons, the scrolled feet, the curvy insets…all just begging to be gilded with luscious gold leaf.  I hand-laid gold leaf over every bit of it, too.  Hours upon hours upon hours of meticulous, steady-handed gilding and burnishing.  And it was worth every minute of it.  The gold leaf gilding is just stunning!  It’s amazing how much better real gold leaf looks compared to gold tinted gilding waxes.  It’s so gold and imperfect and authentic.

Look how the gold leaf pops on the details.

Look how the gold leaf pops on the details.

Another close look at the gold leafing.

Another close look at the gold leafing.


Doesn’t the Paris Gray and French Linen look wonderful together?  In addition to the authenticity of hand-laid gold leaf gilding, I also used antiquing dust and waxes to age the piece and add that age-worn depth to the paint finish.  It mimics years and years and years of dirt and grime settling into the brush strokes and nooks and crannies…all the places that a quick dusting and wipe down would have missed.  You can see it very clearly below:


Look at the wonderful curves of the nightstand!

Look at the wonderful curves of the nightstand!


As you can see, the nightstand and chest-on-chest aren’t an exact pair.  They are both classic French Provincial style but the nightstand has more Bombay influences mixed in.  With the gorgeous new Paris Gray & French Linen two-tone finish, though, they are a perfect match!

Classic and timeless French country look that would be beautiful in your home for years and years:

13 drawers...lots of storage!

13 drawers…lots of storage!

A stunning set!

A stunning set!


What do you think?  Do you love it?  I know that I do!  I may not do neutral very often, but when I do, and it comes out looking like this, I get very, very tempted to do more and more neutral finishes!  If done right, even neutral beauties can be absolute show-stoppers.

These beauties are offered for sale as a set.  You can find them over in the Etsy shop.  Thanks for stopping by!

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