Month: March 2015

Geometric and Curvaceous

One of the most common questions I get asked at markets and through social media is “Where do you get your inspiration from?”  Shocker, right?  Most of the time, this question is asked casually and in a space where a short answer is required…and so my go-to response is usually “Everything.  From nature’s soft edges to architecture’s bold lines to  the laws of mathematics and geometry.” Short, concise, and encompassing.  For the few opportune moments where I am able to elaborate, I usually ramble on and on about personality tests like the Myers Briggs, left brain v right brain, rational and logical v emotional and erratic.  Truth is, I’m considered by many personality tests to be, for lack of a better phrase, a fence-straddler.  That is, I don’t fall neatly into any specific personality type.  I’m both creative and analytical, both left-brained and right-brained.  I very much enjoy the cold calculation of physics and math but can also easily get lost in the chaos of the abstract.  From the perspective of furniture and design, I’m easily influenced by both modern design and traditional.  I like sleek edges and bombastic curves.  I love saturated colors as well as neutrals.

But most of all, I enjoy contrast and opposition.  I find exquisite beauty in unexpected and prominent juxtapositions. That’s why I have no problem painting an ornate, century-old dresser in a bold, bright blue or painting a victorian-era desk in a sassy, vivid red.  And it’s also why I’ll take two French Provincial side tables, with all their curves and ornate handles, and reimagine them with a two-tone blue paint job and geometric frames stained on their wood tops!