Month: May 2015

Flashback…to the Telephone Table days!

This post is a literal flashback…not just to an era when telephone tables were a necessity, but the telephone table featured here is a piece I finished over a year ago and never had the time to make a post about.  Just like I fondly remember having to sit in a chair near the telephone when talking with friends as a child, I also fondly remember the day I picked this beautiful piece of history and breathed new life into it with a bold color and some funky new upholstery.

When I brought this piece home it was in really sad condition.  The wood was banged up, scratched, and the varnish was all sorts of worn off and worn thin.  The seat was covered in a hideous 60s mottled beige vinyl that was not original to the piece nor stylish in any decade.

Telephone Table

1940’s telephone table with harp back and rare left-hand drum!

But as you can see, it had good bones and certainly deserved to be renewed and enjoyed for many more years.  I loved this table so much, that at first, I dreamed of redesigning it to fit in my own home.  Not only did I love the nod to Duncan Phyfe with that harp, but I also was thrilled that it was a rare left-hander’s telephone table.  The problem I ran into…and it’s a recurring problem in my household…is that I couldn’t find anything I could part ways with in order to make room for it. Sad face.

So, with the idea of redesigning this table for my home thrown out I decided to get a little playful and went with a funky HGTV upholstery fabric that I loved so much I had a few yards of it already stashed in my workshop.  I almost decided to pair it with a simple, sleek black finish but after seeing the fun fabric on the chair, I immediately settled on this beautiful shade of emerald.  Someone very much enjoyed pointing out that I was watching the Wizard of Oz while recovering the seat and that the inspiration had to have come from the Emerald City…but honestly, I have no idea where the inspiration came from!  I’m just glad it came because this table is a show-stopper and is much loved by the new owner in New York.