UrbanDEN is back at it!

It’s been a while since I last updated here…life sometimes gets busy and last summer market season was spent painting houses and buildings rather than furniture, canvas, and wood.  This spring, though, allowed me the time to not just paint some great new pieces of furniture, but also to upcycle some traditional/vintage pieces into something entirely new, build some new custom plywood occasional tables, and focus more on wall art! It’s been a wonderful few months and I’m extremely excited with the responses I’ve received on my new endeavors.

In May, I kicked off this summer’s open-air market season with the always wonderful Horseshoe Craft and Flea market in the Berkeley neighborhood.  As always seems to be the case with the first market of the season, I was racing the clock and trying to complete everything on my ambitious list in time which meant many late nights and many long days.  But when the day came, everything was ready, everything was gorgeous, and I was excited to share it all with the wonderful crowds that the Horseshoe Market always brings out.

IMG_0103 - Version 2

The booth all set up as the market officially opened

Of course, it wouldn’t be an UrbanDEN space without LOTS of vibrant and cheerful colors!
We were all set up and ready for an awesome day by 9am.  Mother Nature had other plans, though, and the day started off overcast, dreary, and cold…it stayed this way for a couple of hours and then progressively got worse.  Around 11 am the drizzling rain started, and soon gave way to pouring rain, which soon gave way to hail and thunder and lightning and flooding.  I had to rearrange the entire booth to squeeze everything in under the tent to protect it from the weather, and then we ended up having to zip the entire tent up, essentially closed up shop, to wait out the hail and thunderstorms.


A peek in to the bunker where we waited out the worst of the weather

Thankfully, at some point around 1, the market organizers came around and announced they are calling off the market and we were allowed to pack up and head for the warmth and dry of home.

Even though we endured some crazy weather and the market was shut down early, it was still a good day.  I sold a few pieces of my Colorado pyrography (see next post) art, including the beautiful centerpiece to a very excited couple, and met some great people who really enjoyed seeing the beautiful work I pour my heart into creating.

Here are some pictures of the furniture pieces we had at the market, many of which are, or will soon be, available for purchase in our Etsy shop:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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