Happy Declaration of Independence Day!

239 years ago tomorrow, some of the greatest minds in history, and certainly in American history, came together and adopted (and later signed) one of the most important documents in the world: the Declaration of Independence.  One of the 13 colonies that voted in favor of declaring Independence from England was Rhode Island.  Why am I bringing up Rhode Island?  Because today I am sharing with you a beautiful furniture renewal that is not only a bit patriotic, but also found it’s way to me after a long, long, long journey that, at one point, went through Rhode Island.

When I picked this wonderful antique secretary desk and began prepping it for it’s facelift, I found, shoved into the back of one of the mail slots, a navy blue check register with gold foiling that read Rhode Island Hospital Trust Company.  In utter amazement, when I opened the register, I saw, in beautiful cursive hand-writing (a skill that sadly has been forgotten in the past), dates from November and December of 1933!  It was such a beautiful piece of forgotten history that I immediately decided to design the facelift around the check register.  The result was this absolutely gorgeous navy blue finish, polished brass handles, and a drawer face that is decoupaged with the yellowed pages found inside the register.  I loved the final result so much that, unlike the telephone table from the previous post, the desk has found it’s way into a permanent place in my heart and home. Without further ado, please enjoy pictures of this beautiful piece!

Black and White…No, Black and Wood

Here at UrbanDEN, nothing gets my creativity flowing more than the simple two-tone pairing of beautiful wood grain and deep black tones.  It’s a classic scheme that is both modern and traditional, masculine and feminine, sexy and solid. And it’s always on our mind…so, naturally, when I started prepping this vintage desk for it’s redesign, I couldn’t stop thinking of how beautiful it would be in black with it’s beautiful wood top left unpainted and on full display.

After painting, I was feeling like it still needed something more…so I whipped out some stain and stenciled a fun zebra print all over the top!  The end result is both studious and whimsical, traditional and modern, and would fit in just about any style of room.  Let us know what you think!