RPhD has been featured on Better After!

Super exciting news everyone!  One of our favorite blogs to browse late at night when winding down from a busy day is the BetterAfter blog that Lindsey puts together for everyone’s enjoyment.  She usually features unique and generally awesome remodels of furniture, kitchens, bathrooms…basically anything related to house and home.  If you’ve never checked it out before, definitely head over there and take some time to look around.

Pelham follows BetterAfter regularly, both for personal enjoyment, as well as a source of inspiration. Afterall, all artists and designers need inspiration.  It is also a good way for RPhD to get a pulse on what is current/the latest trends/what colors people are loving this year, etc.

Anywho, Lindsey saw pictures of Old Red and loved what she saw…enough to feature the dresser on the blog…a pretty significant honor considering she must receive thousands of pictures of people’s remodeling handiwork and only posts 2 updates per day.

Click here to go over to Better After and see the post she made about us!