Pretty in Pi….Orchid!

As everyone probably already knows, Pantone’s color of the year for 2014 is Orchid.  Orchid is a deep pink color with lavender and violet undertones.  It’s really a gorgeous color…but I was skeptical of it being the color of the year.  At first.  It is one of those colors that commands a room if used in large quantity, and thus I never thought it would be a good color for a larger piece of furniture.

But I had this wonderful mid-century vanity chest in storage and thought, “why not?”  Why not, indeed.  After seeing the finished product, I would gladly redecorate the bedroom or the guest bedroom around this lovely dresser!

Without further ado, meet “The Hibiscus!”

The Hibiscus

Clean, simple, elegant!

The top of this dresser had a gorgeous grain pattern that I refused to cover up with paint, even though it had a few burn marks and water rings that had gone too deep to fix.  A medium walnut stain complemented the orchid beautifully as well as drew out the most interesting grain patterns.The Hibiscus

And look at those stunning, over-sized, crystal knobs!  I’ve been wanting to use those on a piece for a long time now and this seemed to be the most perfect piece for them!  Here’s a closer look:

The Hibiscus



Even though Orchid has plenty of depth already, I decided to add some dark antiquing wax to add a warmer tone and more depth.  I love how the wax settles in all the brush strokes, imperfections, and routed detailing.  For the raised details and the harp posts on the mirror, I added a little antique white paint:The Hibiscus The Hibiscus The Hibiscus


As you can see, the Hibiscus has been lightly distressed, especially over the accent paint.  This dresser is over 60 years old and I still wanted that character and history to show through.

And here’s one last look.  The sun was reflecting off of the sheen from the hand-buffed wax finish and really made the orchid POP!
The Hibiscus


And, of course, look at those gorgeous legs and the original wood casters!


If you love this piece, she is up for sale over in the Etsy shop!  Thanks for stopping by!